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TranskeiGroup™ branded products are protected in over 30 countries and territories. Copyright & Trademarks © 1985 -2019 TranskeiGroup™


TranskeiGroup™ TranskeiEstates™ @TranskeiEstates operate in a region of no less than 15 000 square miles. This is Cannabis Eden! 

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Transkei Canada™ Transkei USA™ Transkei India™ Mandated by President Nelson Mandela (Not for Profit) Transkei Pharmaceutical™ Transkei Biotech™ Transkei 4x4™ Transkei Property™ Transkei Coop™ *Transkei Poison ZA™

Transkei Brands:

We cultivate all our weed exclusively on our Transkei & Madiba Estates™ @TranskeiEstates @MadibaEstates

Our Luxury & Medical Sativa has been perfected over 35 years.

Transkei Poison ZA™ Transkei Lights ZA™ Transkei Fire ZA™ Pondo Poison ZA™ & Wildcoast Poison ZA™ & Wild Poison ZA™ Transkei Vape ZA™

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TranskeiGroup™ branded products are protected in over 30 countries and territories. Copyright & Trademarks © 1985 -2019 TranskeiGroup™ 

@TranskeiGroup produce vape, edibles, sweets, foodstuffs, and pharmaceutical products exclusively on our Transkei & Madiba Estates™

*Indistinguishable from The Official Durban Poisons ZA™ - Why may more?

The TranskeiGroup, Inc.

Transkei™ in Xhosa literally means ‘The Lands North of the River Kei’ Read about Apartheid the Holocaust & in c. 1950 the Boer criminals Erika & Hannu Lombard stole & murdered for money & how God punished them! However, the cruelty of the Boers led to the founding of The Transkei™ Brand & Group of Companies & CEE ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ mandated by President Nelson Mandela.

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SACANEX™ The SA (Official) Cannabis Exchange™ (Not for Profit)

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Durban Poison ZA™ & Durban Poison Estates™ (Official) 

HQ: Durban Poison Estates™ No.1 Old Mooiplaas Road, Durban, KZN. Kwa-Zulu-Natal, Postal Code: 8001, (ZA) South Africa. 

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DPGZA™ Durban Poison Group (ZA)™ South Africa. 

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