If you buy a new Mahindra take the flagship 4x4 Bakkies S10 d/c for ZAR 360k & go directly to another dealer for a trade-in you will I quote 'ford' Louis Botha Avenue JHB and Toyota-PE.

''We will do a trade-in on a new vehicle but understand you get less than ZAR 200 k (if you lucky) - Even if its brand new 10 km -2000 km it makes no difference.

{I believe Mahindra have the worst resale value of any vehicle in the world)

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Plus 15 more all full of the truth. Genuine reviews from owners and purchasers hear about the service centres about how many brand new Mahindra units have engine blowouts the 4x4 systems have to be replaced vehicles sold intentially with serious issues then their 22 page contracts that cancel out the 7 days by SA law the consumer have to return a product if it does not meet the specs. Promised. Nothing is made-up also check out #HelloPeter and other sites that members write advise accounts of their personal experience with Mahindra vehicles as the content you and I are fed and given in magazine reviews and officially on the web are paid adverts!

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  • Web4Africa: January 22, 2018 - MIUI 'South African' Domain www.miui.co.za (Plus a Registered Trademark) Stolen by Web4Africa the registrar claiming HQ in South Africa even provided authorities with fake/false addresses and phone numbers. Proof of renewal a no-brainer. Stolen 10 days prior to the 22nd of January 2018 - The renewal date. Furthermore, after Web4Africa stole their own client's domain without permission they requested payment for renewal of same domain from the same client. This amount was paid via PayPal to Web4Africa on 21/22 January 2018. Web4Africa then issued on 2 occasions the proof of renewal. The receipts are dated & include the stolen domain by name and the renewal of miui.co.za from the 22nd January 2018 - 21/22 January 2019. Web4Africa made up 5 different excuses. The authority also refused to take action. The domain broker #Sedo after receiving proof of renewal by Web4Africa, the genuine receipt of payment via PayPal and the renewal receipt claimed it was listed prior to the 20th of January by 'the owner' Web4Africa & subreg.cz. This according to Afrihost who investigated the theft /transfer to the eastern European criminal organization working together with #Web4Africa. If you a registered registrar it can be stolen easily just as easily as Web4Africa manually changed renewal and expiry dates on clients private interface.    
  • MIUIPHONES.COM Waiting for proof.
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  • Hotel near East London. Theft & Personal Abuse.
  • Report any incident that to your knowledge is criminal, fraudulent/illegal in the form provided below. We make no guarantees however if possible we will include it with a number of similar legal actions we are taking with all/any damages paid to you. No fees or commisions whatsoever will be deducted. 
  • This is subject to any report being personal unless you acting on behalf of a minor. 
  • You must have some type of proof willing to take physical/legal examinations.
  • If we find out that your statement was untrue not the truth or simply a personal attack on another when nothing questionable viz criminal had been in question the legal professionals may take action against you personally.
  • Please do not take up precious time that could or would be billed at an hourly rate of or exceeding $50 000.00.
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In other words, if we win only you win and if the action ends up costing money it cost you nothing it also does not cost 'Durban Poison Organization' anything whatsoever. (These actions are taken by professionals) 'pro-bona' Even attorney on occasion can be selfless. Note: As an example when we refer to Domain theft we do not refer to a domain not renewed on time or after the grace period of *30 days again not renewed. Also domain 'stolen' by registrars who practice morally/bad business practices. An example having prior knowledge of trademark infringement (Big Time) But not informing the purchaser even if the purchaser asks the direct question. The purchaser pays $50 000.00 in good faith for a domain only to receive legal documents demanding the domain be returned plus all legal fees are his responsibility the 'criminal' here is the registrar but is protected by a faulty *(Greedy) legal system. *In my opinion & many others. One example or the best example of this stunted human practice is by Huge Domains. #HugeDomains
Calling oneself an 'NGO' or another type of (not for profit) organization can or may give the impression of 'working for the greater good' of being selfless. Unfortunately, after investigating we found most to be profiteers. Those who believe they cannot 'make it' in a free market. Those who survive and or 'get rich' on the donations and use all/any monies from their endeavor for personal use. Most were small in scale others stole billions thus...Read more (coming soon)